• Email Productivity Hacks

    Are you with us…is this a sight you have seen just perhaps one (or two) too many times?  The horror, the sense of shock and shame that fills you when you see what you have done?! Yep that’s right you let your inbox fill up without reading any of the emails.  Productivity fail right there!

    We have a few tried and tested hacks, tips and rules for you to help this stop happening…and with 269 BILLION emails sent a day worldwide…your little section of those needs tending to!

    Zen Inbox or Zero Inbox

    As cheesy as its sounds go from zero to hero by getting back to zero.  Empty out as much of your inbox as you can so you can start to live in a zero inbox state. Get those unnecessary emails out now and file the ones you need to in specific folders!


    If you are in Gmail then make sure you sub section tabs are set up for Promotions, Social, Forum and Updates. All the bumpf goes straight in to there and you need not check it daily and it really slims out the important issues from the less important. You can see how to here.

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    Action Stations

    As soon as you read an email, if it is a quick action do it immediately and then delete or file it.  If its a contact that you need to save then see our next hack…


    Are you keeping emails to keep your contacts listed and interactions you have with them?  Well that is no way to manage your contacts.  Invest time and energy in a CRM system that integrates direct with your email provide such as Insightly.  Then you can keep that inbox clear!

    Do as you would be done by

    Basically the aim in your inbox is to keep it as productive and efficient as possible, therefore you aspire to receiving concise, clear and brief emails. You want emails like that?  Then send emails like that.  Politeness need not suffer but there is no need to bolster your emails with four paragraphs of puff when you can get to the point in one. Your clients will thank you for it and so will your inbox.


    Simple be brave, hit that delete key. Once it’s done its done.  Why fill up your inbox with the unnecessary! We need to be more ruthless.
    Let us know your email hacks please!  We would love more!

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