• How to Be an Instagram Boss

    Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media apps of the last 6 years.  It has grown to 500 million users, with 300 million of those posting ever day.  So how can you become and Instagram Boss and reap the rewards for your business

    1- FILTERS

    If you are a regular Instagram user you will know that filters are part of what makes Instagram so unique. The ability to tweak and turn an ordinary image in to something different.  but did you know that user respond differently to different filters?  Canva recently conducted a study to work out the most “liked” filters by location and by theme. Surprisingly normal or no filter comes up fairly high.


    One of the key things that Instagram uses is hashtags.  You can use up to 30 hashtags per post o Instagram. Nw you may chose to go for the popular hashtags in order to get more likes but will these actually translate in to increased engagement or sales if they are not relevant to your brand?  Probably not.  Think of a key hashtag which sumamrises your brand and then search this on an online site like Webstagram to find relevant popular tags you can make use of.

    3- TIMING

    There are plenty of sites out there that have researched the best times to post on Instagram.  Use this as a strating point but remember every brand and business followers will have a different time.  The lifespan of an average Instagram post is 4 hours before it gets hidden in the news feed (although sometimes it is much less!) so make sure you get the post up in the right window. Most people check their phone on the way to work/education establishment and the way home.


    4- REAL

    One of the things that Instagram has the edge on to other social media is that it is often used as a “window” into the life of the user.  This gives your business a chance to give candid behind the scenes, real images- customers buy stories and love to see the story behind your product or brand.  An image of the models having fun in between takes of a fashion photo shoot, or a band  member tuning up before a gig can be as engaging as the actual photo shoot or gig.  That’s not to say every image has to be a revealing shot of behind the scenes but it is certainly worth considering when you are posting.

    5- ENGAGE

    Make sure you are engaging with your followers.  Follow, like and comment on others posts. Use the caption to write engaging and informative information, ask your followers questions. Host contests on your Instagram (we love The Den’s #DownAtTheDen rolling contest- it really gets followers talking).  Instagram is more than just a stream of images to boost your business image, you have to be authentic and engaging- as with all social media.  If you get lots of engagement you are creating “social proof” that you are a brand to be trusted and enjoyed.

    These are just a few tips to get you started on Instagram, there are loads more elements to consider and apps that you can use to support you.  If you are too busy being social to be digital social then Dotted Fox can help set up your account and build a solid relevant following- get in touch for more information and our rates with budgets to suit all.

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