• Is Social Media Enough?


    Using social media can provide a definite boost to your business but is it enough on it’s own?  Simple answer (and we think obvious answer) is no it’s not.  Social media may be all a buzz in marketing at the moment but once you scratch even a tiny bit beneath the surface you will see that being effective in Social Media does not equal the success of your brand or business.  Social media needs to be underpin by a marketing strategy which underpins your business strategy…..don’t know where your business is going? Then your social media is likely to flop.  Get back to basics to get the most out of your social media campaign.

    1. What’s your business? You can’t get anywhere if you don’t know exactly what your business is about, what are your aims, what do you want people to know about you, what are you actuDotted Fox Planally selling? WHO ARE YOU?  If you do not have a clear idea on this you can’t expect to be able to tell other people or for them to understand.
    2. Who are your customers? Who do you want to know about your brand?  If you
      have no good idea on this you may end up targeting the wrong people. And don’t just know your target audience, you need to know all about them- what social media they tend to use, their social habits- anything you can deduce form research is vital information
    3. Have you got a plan?  Know what you are and who your customers are? Great!  Now’s the time to get a plan.  Set yourself goals and objectives, make a strategy and your tactics.  Then get yourself an action plan.
    4. Its not just social media.  Traditionally social media is seen as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Now you need to think also about blogging, email shots, YouTube, even back to leaflet marketing (it sounds old school but it can work!).  With your plan and your customer knowledge work out where to focus your social media campaign and how to formulate it.
    5. Analytics.  Use the tools to assess the impact of your plan.  Not seeing customers coming down the sales funnel?  Evaluate where you are losing them and adjust your plan accordingly.  Not about sales?  If it’s brand awareness you are focusing on make sure you can see people signing up for your pages, subscribing to mailing lists and sharing your posts- if that is not happening it’s not working.

    At Dotted Fox we are supporting small to medium businesses in their social media campaign, using their mission, vision, and goals to help formulate and put into action the campaign.  We also have start up packages for small indie businesses looking to launch or take their venture to the next level.  Get in touch if you want to chat about your business needs.


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